Ardfern to Craobh Haven (5 miles round trip)

Turn right out of the cottage drive way and follow the road all the way up and over the hill to the other side of the peninsula where you will reach Craobh Haven and a fantastic pub!


Craignish point (8 miles)


Turn left leaving the cottage drive way and follow the road down the hill, and turn right when you reach the main road at the bottom. Follow the main road right along the coastline and you will reach the point with a great view out to the West.


Loch Ardlarach circular (1.5 miles)


Turn right out of the cottage and follow the road up the hill, where the tarmac stops, bear right onto a dirt track. Stay on the main track which passes some driveways and chalets on your left, then cross the cattle grid. You will reach a fork, take the right that climbs uphill and through a gate before coming to a cottage. Continue straight along the right side of a building then turn right along the track in front of a chalet, then fork right through a gate and slightly uphill. The track fades but follow a faint grassy path up to the left where the track becomes clearer again climbing slightly over a dip in a small ridge to reveal views down to Loch Craignish.


Plus many other Forestry Commission walks

Directions are rough so a map of Lochgilphead and Knapdale North is advised! 

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Corryvreckan Whirlpool

The Gulf of Corryvreckan is a narrow strait between the islands of Jura and Scarba, and visible from the point on Loch Craignish. When the tide is in its flood state, powerful currents rush between a series of underwater features such as deep holes and rising pinnacles creating standing waves and whirlpools. The whirlpool is the third-largest in the world! Boat trips leave from Ardfern Marina (operates seasonally), and is definitely worth it!

Check out Craignish Cruises for more info https://www.craignishcruises.co.uk


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Kilmartin Glen 

With more than 350 ancient monuments which span back 5000 years, Kilmartin Glen is considered to be the home of one of the most important areas for Neolithic and Bronze Age remains in Scotland.


The area has a fantastic museum which host's guided Glen walks, a shop and cafe.

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Crinan Canal

The Crinan Canal stretches nine miles linking the village of Ardrishaig at the Firth of Clyde with the village of Crinan before entering the Sound of Jura.

The canal boasts breathtaking scenery, as well as being home to a multitude of wildlife. Walking from Crinan Harbour can take you up high above the coastline with spectacular views out to the Sound of Jura and beyond on a clear day.


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Glen Coe

One of Scotland's most iconic Glen's and although a little further afield (1.5 hours from the cottage), it is definitely worth the drive, even on an overcast day!


Whether you go just to view the dramatic scenery, visit the picturesque villages, or to bag a famous munro, it really is a superb day out.

Taking a camera is a must!


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The Oban Whisky Distillery

Oban distillery is situated in the heart of Oban town centre (about 45 minutes from the cottage). It was founded before Oban town itself by two brothers in 1794, so there is plenty of history to learn about.

Tours of the distillery allow visitors to see first hand the process of whisky production before having a complimentary taste of the Oban 14 year old West Highland Malt.


Check out more about what they have to offer here.


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